Safety is a priority for us!

Our mission in terms of safety is to perform each and every task not only in the most cost and time effective way, but more importantly in the safest possible way for all involved. As such, one of our internal Core Values is “To ensure the health and safety of all fellow men.”

To uphold this mission, we have a dedicated and qualified Safety Officer as part of our permanent staff, who goes out to each site and compiles a health and safety file as per health and safety specifications and in line with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  • Regular site inspections
  • Compilation of safety file
  • Implementation on site
  • Induction and all the necessary training such as Risk Assessment Training and Fall Protection Training


Our policy has the following objectives:

  • Ampair as the employer will provide as far as reasonably practicable a safe working environment for all the company’s employees.
  • Ampair acknowledge that safety takes precedence over program and cost. The consequence of accidents and injuries is more than just a financial loss to both the company and the individual. We thus strive to keep Lost Time Accidents to the absolute minimum and must prevent Fatal Accidents at all cost.
  • Ampair will create and maintain an effective safety culture amongst the work force. This will enable workers to act and work in a safe manner at all times.
  • To complete the job at hand in a safe way, is a common goal for all involved and can only be achieved by the dedicated and joint effort of all the Ampair employees.
  • Being safety conscious, every Ampair employee has the right and also the obligation to stop and correct or report any unsafe act or situation in the workplace.


In order to achieve these objectives:

  • Ampair will put a site safety in a place with the needed documents and procedures, which will assist management and employees in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.When audits are done by the Client on this safety file, it will be the aim of Ampair to achieve a score in excess of 85%.
  • Ampair will further ensure adherence to policies and procedures through training of the workers on site.
  • Ampair will be monitoring the safety on site through the supervisors and management and rectify any deviances.

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