We have a dedicated and highly skilled Maintenance department which handles the Maintenance and repair work for all HVAC equipment, including equipment that was not installed by us. Correctly planned Maintenance is vital as it prolongs the life of your equipment, ensuring optimum operating conditions and outputs, resulting in substantial savings over a period of time. Some of our current maintenance clients include:


We also offer Auto Bleeps which are unique alarm systems installed within any critical areas such as server rooms, UPS / generator rooms or where medical equipment is concerned. The Auto Bleeps immediately notify our Control Room when there is an interruption in power supply or when the equipment is not functioning correctly. These cases are immediately addressed and resolved by our technicians, often before the client is even aware of it.


The operation of our Maintenance division

The Maintenance division is run by our Director, Robbie Di Giovampaolo and his team of managers and technicians, who at any given time have over 335 staff out in the field. When new clients come on board, a Service Level Agreement (SLA’s) is put into place and is tailored to suit each clients’ unique requirements. This details the equipment that is to be maintained and the frequency there of, making sure the clients are always aware of what services they are receiving.

Our Maintenance teams are either stationed permanently on our clients’ sites to carry out the daily planned Maintenance, or if permanent staff is not required, are serviced by dedicated roaming teams. Each team consists of technicians and assistants, and is headed up by a site manager who is the first point of contact for the client. Our technicians have strategically been grouped into Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM), or Breakdown and Repair teams. In this way, Maintenance teams don’t get pulled off their daily tasks to deal with breakdowns and repairs. We also have a dedicated Building Maintenance System (BMS) team who is in charge of all our buildings that run on this state-of-the-art operating system.

Our Planned Preventative Maintenance System allows for live updates and tracking of all HVAC maintenance services performed for our clients. This information is accessible via an internet WEB-enabled application, where our contractual clients have confidential privileged viewing rights to the services rendered by us. Some of the benefits include: Maintenance history data, status on equipment, planned service summary monitoring and Maintenance check-listing on all associated equipment which is maintained by us.

Monthly or weekly client status meetings facilitated by the area mangers, and attended by an Ampair senior manager, ensure that all concerns are addressed and the correct solutions are provided, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of service and that their sites are always running effectively.

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