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8th May 2015

A new corporate identity for HVAC specialists, Ampair

In March 2015, Ampair, formerly known as Ampair Maintenance, officially launched its brand new logo at its Training Centre, in Spartan, Kempton Park.

As leaders in commercial HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) and with a client base comprising, amongst others, leading property developers, banks and shopping centres, Ampair has a rich history spanning over 30 years, and the decision to refresh the company’s corporate image, including the logo, was a carefully thought out one by senior management and stakeholders.

“As we are approaching our 32nd year of doing business, we realised that we needed to rethink the way we operate in order to remain a top service provider – this goes from internal processes to the way our brand is positioned out in the market. Over the years we have attracted and maintained some key customers, including various properties for Growthpoint Properties, Hyprop Investments and Standard Bank, and we want them to know that we are serious about doing business by not only keeping up with the latest in training and technology, but by also implementing a more modern and professional look across the board,” says Bob Forbes, MD of Ampair.

The new logo sees the introduction of three core colours: red to symbolize heating, navy blue to symbolize ventilation and a royal blue to symbolize air-conditioning, representing the three core areas of Ampair’s business. The company name has also been shortened from Ampair Maintenance, to Ampair, with the introduction of the pay-off line, ‘HVAC Services’ to clearly state what line of work the company is in.

“The local HVAC industry is dominated by a few key players, and with Ampair being one of them, it was time that we made a bold move to really set ourselves apart. The new logo is simple, memorable and timeless, but it’s important to note that we are also making huge strides internally by becoming more savvy in all aspects of the business and there’s lots to look forward to in coming months,” adds Svenja Bolt, Marketing Manager of Ampair.  Ampair is currently rolling out its newly branded vehicle fleets, corporate clothing and will soon be launching a brand new website (

About Ampair

Ampair specializes in the engineering, supply, installation and maintenance of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC) within the commercial, industrial, hospitality, retail and healthcare industries.

From assessment to installation and long-term maintenance, all work is done in-house, with Ampair’s dedicated Engineering and Maintenance divisions working hand-in-hand to remain true to its commitment of providing outstanding service delivery.

Ampair is a solutions driven company and its in-house control room is operational 24/7, 365 days a year, providing peace of mind to clients who are guaranteed the quickest response time to after-hour and emergency call-outs.

Ampair currently employs over 200 qualified and semi-qualified staff and has branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, with expansion into neighbouring countries currently underway. Ampair is a Level 4 BEE contributor.

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